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Fiberglass Coatings on the Cutting Edge

fiberglass coatingsManufacturers know fiberglass as an essential component in the manufacture of airplanes, automobiles, home fixtures, and more. Industry discovers more uses for this material every day, but the product development process is often long and costly. If your firm needs custom fiberglass coatings for rolled goods, Conversion Technologies International is consequently here to help. Our adaptive modular manufacturing process makes us the premier choice for researching, developing, and manufacturing coated fiberglass goods.

What Does CTI Offer That Others Can’t?

In contract manufacturing, versatility is the name of the game. We provide essential services by filling in the gaps in your production capacity wherever and whenever they may occur. Our 360° integrated contract manufacturing solutions also give you the tools to create and market groundbreaking products.

  • Research and Development: Our modular manufacturing setup allows easy production of test runs for R&D purposes. In particular, we can easily reconfigure a production line to experiment with new product variations or small-run specialty items.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: We have an outstanding variety of equipment that enables us to perform adhesive coatinglaminating, and slitting/die cutting. Equipment available includes flatbed die cutters, gravure coaters, Meyer rod coaters, hot roll and belt laminators, and more.
  • Client-Focused Service: Our clients’ success drives our business. CTI works with your team to determine your exact needs and assist with sourcing and materials development. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Custom Fiberglass Coatings for the Wind Energy Industry

Our work in the wind energy industry provides a great example of how CTI’s approach contributes to client success. Wind power is a quickly growing industry that produces constant innovation. When one wind energy company needed a custom fiberglass coatings solution for a product, CTI had the tools to deliver. Accordingly, we employed our responsive manufacturing process to develop the exact product the client needed and produce it at scale. The components of our solution were:

  • Providing flexible manufacturing options to allow hands-on, iterative product design
  • Designing a customized and scalable coating process using durable hot melt adhesives
  • Achieving quality control by using an in-line beta gauge scanner to provide nonstop monitoring of adhesive application
  • Developing an efficient manufacturing process that enabled us to produce the material at 3 million ft² per year

If your products are on the cutting edge of your industry, you need a contract manufacturer that’s on the cutting edge of theirs. Call CTI today at 419-924-5566 or use our contact form to begin your high-performance contract manufacturing solution.