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Fiberglass Coatings – CTI Devises the Best Solution

fiberglass coatingsFor any type of coating or adhesive, Conversion Technologies International is the expert. We frequently work with a variety of different materials and substrates. Fiberglass coatings are a specialty of ours, and we often help companies finalize their fiberglass products.

The Benefits of Fiberglass

While there are a number of materials that can work for a product, fiberglass is a common choice. Benefits include:

Strength and durability

Of course, when it comes to strength, fiberglass outperforms sheet metal. And because it resists corrosion, it will never rust. Therefore, this is especially good for products intended for use outdoors. Also, compared to plastic, wood, and metal, fiberglass does the least expanding or contracting due to heat or cold.

Numerous design options

Not only does fiberglass improve the aesthetics of a product, there are almost infinite design capabilities. Fiberglass can be molded or shaped into an assortment of configurations.


Fiberglass is one of the most affordable materials available. Plus, because it holds up well during production and shipping, maintenance costs are low.

Electrical performance

Because fiberglass is non-conductive, it is an ideal cover for electronic components. It will not interfere with performance. In addition, fiberglass absorbs sound, which is important for acoustics.

Fiberglass coatings can be a challenge

There are many advantages to using fiberglass, but when it comes to adhesion and coatings, this can be challenging. This is why it pays to work with an experienced fiberglass coatings company. At Conversion Technologies International, we have a team of experts ready to help you perfect your products. With our coating processes, you can add strength, increase surface tension, and make your product waterproof.

A state-of-the-art testing facility

Many companies come to us because they are not sure what type of coating or adhesion they need. In addition, they may lack the proper equipment and expertise to achieve the end result they require. That is where CTI comes in! We work with them to overcome obstacles and achieve the best results using our testing facilities.

Our experts will devise a solution that will help you produce your finished product. Then, we have the capabilities to handle your production, which saves your company the investment in personnel and equipment. In other words, we can assist almost any industry in researching and developing the most efficient, cost-effective production methods. Finally, we can contract any of the production steps that will improve your bottom line. To begin, contact us to tell us about your project and we will give you a free quote.