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​CTI – Contractors for Wide Range of Laminating Services

Many manufactured components require laminating services before they are customer-ready. But it can be challenging to find a partner than can deliver quality lamination on time and on budget. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) strives to be a partner upon whom manufacturers can rely. They combine high quality services with fair and ...read more

​Lamination Services and More are Available from CTI

Product design and manufacturing personnel understand that materials often require lamination. Offering protection, sealing, and other features, lamination can be difficult for manufacturers to handle themselves. That’s why it’s imperative to find a partner that is trustworthy, dependable, and delivers on quality. Conversion Technologies International offers a range of lamination services for customized ...read more

​Fabric Laminating Companies – Choosing the Right One

Laminated fabric is a key component of many products. This is why the lamination process is extremely important. If your business does not have the capabilities to laminate fabrics, you need to look for a company that does. When searching for fabric laminating companies be sure to keep these areas in ...read more

​Laminating Services for the 21st Century

Laminating services can be pricey and require a considerable outlay for specialized equipment and materials. For these reasons, many firms in the rolled goods industry use contract manufacturing companies to perform specialized lamination processes. Conversion Technologies International offers industry-leading solutions to production line challenges for laminated goods. CTI exemplifies the best qualities of ...read more

​Custom Laminations Ingenuity Lives at CTI

At Conversion Technologies International, we stake our reputation on the combination of creativity and capability. Custom laminations require these two traits more than most other applications. A manufacturer needs to be able to see a project through from drawing board to finished product. That’s why CTI’s custom laminations are industry-leading -- we ...read more

​Custom Laminating Services from CTI

TDepending upon what use they will get, some products require layers of materials that serve various functions. This is where lamination comes in. Since this technique calls for precision and specialized equipment, many manufacturers do not have the capability. Conversion Technologies International, however, offers expert custom laminating services. Custom laminating for rolled ...read more

We’re the Adhesive Coatings and Laminating Experts!

Since 1992, we’ve been working diligently to perfect our adhesive coating and laminating skills and offerings. We can coat or laminate most products, from foam to foil, using hot-melt and water based adhesives. We also have slitting and die cutting capabilities. The advanced technology we use allows us to offer a ...read more