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Contract Laminating is a Fast and Affordable Option

Often, outsourcing is the fastest and easiest way for companies to save steps in the manufacturing process. This is especially true when it comes to a specialized service like lamination. In most cases, contract laminating services offer the most benefits. Why Use Contract Laminating Services? Cut Costs Using outside laminating services ...read more

What a Contract Laminating Service Does, and What CTI Can Do for You

Lamination is the process of binding two or more materials together in layers, using various methods. It’s an important part of many modern manufacturing processes. However, it can require a significant initial outlay. For this reason, one popular option is to use a contract laminating service for any lamination needs. Conversion Technologies ...read more

Custom Laminating Services – CTI Offers Optimal Solutions

Lamination can be a key component of a finished product. However, companies often do not have their own lamination capabilities. This could be because of the equipment involved, the required expertise, or both. CTI provides custom laminating services for businesses in a wide range of industries. The CTI Process In order to provide ...read more

Laminating Services From CTI Provide Solutions for Any Application

Many manufacturers require lamination to improve upon their products. But, lamination is only as effective as the company providing it. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) is the partner manufacturers can count on. CTI combines high-quality laminating services with fair and honest business practices. Utilizing a variety of adhesive techniques, CTI provides services for a ...read more

Hot Melt Lamination – Why CTI is The Best Solution

Also called hot melt gravure or dot lamination, hot melt lamination can be a very important component of production. The technique is frequently the best way to adhere different materials to one another. This form of lamination is also one of the specialties of Conversion Technologies International. What Does the Hot Melt Lamination ...read more