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Fiberglass Coatings – CTI Devises the Best Solution

For any type of coating or adhesive, Conversion Technologies International is the expert. We frequently work with a variety of different materials and substrates. Fiberglass coatings are a specialty of ours, and we often help companies finalize their fiberglass products. The Benefits of Fiberglass While there are a number of materials that ...read more

​Contract Coating – The Benefits of Working with a Pro

Before your company launches its products, they may first need coating. This might include primer in order to increase the surface tension. It may involve an adhesive that has reactivation potential so it can stick to other products. Whatever the case, it is important to work with a contract coating company. ...read more

Fiberglass Coatings on the Cutting Edge

Manufacturers know fiberglass as an essential component in the manufacture of airplanes, automobiles, home fixtures, and more. Industry discovers more uses for this material every day, but the product development process is often long and costly. If your firm needs custom fiberglass coatings for rolled goods, Conversion Technologies International is consequently here to ...read more