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​Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives from the Pros

A pressure-sensitive adhesive is something that keeps two surfaces together by external pressure. Of course, there are different types of adhesives and finding the right one depends on the requirements of a product. In some cases, dry adhesives can be effective, as they do not need anything like water or heat ...read more

​A Contract Coating Solution That’s Working for You

A contract coating solution that’s delivered on time, on budget, and to spec is absolutely key in the rolled-goods industry. However, adhesive and laminate coating facilities can be a pricey investment. Conversion Technologies International is a leader in contract adhesive and laminate coatings. We have a long list of satisfied clients in a ...read more

​Web Adhesive Needs? CTI Has the Experts to Tackle Them

In many instances, companies need to apply an adhesive coating to certain products during the manufacturing process. But it can be challenging to find the right partner to handle this element. Many companies have limits to the scope of services they can provide. Also, some will over-promise and under-deliver. Conversion Technologies International (CTI) ...read more

​Contract Coating – Which Industries Benefit the Most?

Most consumers probably do not put a lot of thought into the manufacturing process of the products they buy. And, as long as they work as they should, they really don’t need to understand the process. But of course, this has to be a priority for the companies producing the products. ...read more

High-Performance Adhesive Coating Solutions from CTI

Adhesive coating technologies are essential for many industries, but in-house solutions can be prohibitively expensive. That’s where Conversion Technologies International comes in. We’re a fully-equipped rolled goods contract manufacturer and industry-leading developer of custom adhesives solutions. Read on to find out what we can do for your firm! Versatility and Power in Adhesive ...read more

Slot Die Coating Performance from CTI – They Do It Best

Slot die coating is one of the most accurate forms of coating technology available today. However, slot die coaters are still a considerable investment, particularly if your company is testing and developing new products. That’s why it pays to use a contract manufacturer like Conversion Technologies International. We’re an industry leader in ...read more

​Hot Melt Adhesive – Uses, Benefits, and Types

To be sure that essential parts of your product stick together firmly, you need to use the right adhesives. While there are many options available, a hot melt adhesive may be the best choice. In addition to providing a very strong adhesive, hot melt offers these benefits: Bonding of non-porous surfaces ...read more