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High-Performance Adhesive Roof Tarp and Roofing Materials from CTI

Dec 18, 2018

High-performance roofing materials - such as the adhesive roof tarp - are in high market demand. However, many manufacturers still struggle with the capital costs of purchasing adhesive coating equipment. Conversion Technologies International specializes in filling exactly this type of gap in capacity. An Adhesive Roof Tarp is a High-Demand Material The self-adhesive ...read more

Hot Melt Coating Process – What it Entails and the Benefits it Offers

Dec 11, 2018

When companies begin the early stages of development for products, great ideas are not uncommon. Whether to improve an existing product or for something completely new, it’s often easy to come up with exciting innovations. The difficult part, however, is bringing them to life. Logistics and complex processes often get in ...read more