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Adhesive Coating Technologies – CTI is the Expert

Jul 24, 2018

Conversion Technologies International offers a range of lamination and coating services for manufacturers. As experts in numerous processing techniques, CTI utilizes adhesive coating technologies in many projects. In addition, they work with a broad range of industries, including automotive, consumer products and construction materials. Therefore, with a combination of experience and ...read more

​Coating and Converting Technologies – What CTI Offers

Jul 17, 2018

Most companies can’t do it all in-house. Often it is in a business’ best interests to outsource certain projects. This saves money, time, and hassle. At Conversion Technologies International, we specialize in adding important elements to a product. This could include adhesives, lamination, or coatings. To do this, we utilize the ...read more

Commercial Hot Melt Adhesive Powder Coating from CTI

Jul 10, 2018

Hot melt adhesive powder coatings are a popular solution for manufacturing products in many industries. However, the capital and labor required to set up an adhesive coating operation can be cost-prohibitive. That’s why Conversion Technologies International offers custom contract adhesive coating services. Through the power of our modular manufacturing process, we ...read more

​Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives from the Pros

Jul 3, 2018

A pressure-sensitive adhesive is something that keeps two surfaces together by external pressure. Of course, there are different types of adhesives and finding the right one depends on the requirements of a product. In some cases, dry adhesives can be effective, as they do not need anything like water or heat ...read more