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​Custom Laminations Ingenuity Lives at CTI

Jan 26, 2018

At Conversion Technologies International, we stake our reputation on the combination of creativity and capability. Custom laminations require these two traits more than most other applications. A manufacturer needs to be able to see a project through from drawing board to finished product. That’s why CTI’s custom laminations are industry-leading -- we ...read more

​Coatings and Adhesives – 4 Things to Think About

Jan 19, 2018

Once you have decided that your product needs a coating or adhesive, there is another step involved. You have to be sure you get the right type. The correct coatings and adhesives are critical for the longevity and function of a product. These are the four areas you need to consider: ...read more

​Contract Coating – The Benefits of Working with a Pro

Jan 12, 2018

Before your company launches its products, they may first need coating. This might include primer in order to increase the surface tension. It may involve an adhesive that has reactivation potential so it can stick to other products. Whatever the case, it is important to work with a contract coating company. ...read more

What a Contract Manufacturer Should Offer

Jan 4, 2018

What are the core functions that a good contract manufacturer needs to provide? At Conversion Technologies International, we’ve spent years refining our mission and discovering what our clients need. Our experience has taught us that contract manufacturing needs to fulfill three main functions: Product Testing: Contract manufacturing provides firms with an opportunity ...read more