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Outsourcing Precision Cutting Has Many Benefits

Nov 27, 2017

Companies have a couple of options when their products require cutting during the manufacturing process. They can either do the cutting in-house or they can outsource it. In many circumstances, the latter is the best decision. This is because outsourced precision cutting offers numerous benefits, including: No equipment is necessary When ...read more

What Contract Manufacturing Companies Should Offer

Nov 14, 2017

Manufacturing often means finding flexible solutions to challenges of production and scale. Many firms find it wise to use contract manufacturing companies for research and development or when orders pile up. Conversion Technologies International is a leader in contract manufacturing specializing in coating, laminating, and die cutting rolled material. In this article, we'll ...read more

​Why Contract Manufacturing for Coating & Laminating?

Nov 9, 2017

If you have a product that will involve water or it could be subjected to heat, it may need to be coated or laminated. In many situations, this is the best way to ensure it is protected and functions as it should. But instead of doing this work with your own equipment, contract ...read more